Episode 78: Batman Kissed My Wife and The Gipper

Today’s theme, dear listener, is assassination. We talk tales of hired hits, stealthy espionage, and a third thing. Tom talks about Bruce Wayne’s best friend The Batman and how video games shaped stealth combat, while Liam talks about American President Ronald Reagan, one of the worst human beings in history.

tags: batman, arkham asylum, stealth, stealth kills, shadow of mordor, ronald reagan, nancy reagan, the gipper, star wars defense, john hinkley jr, taxi driver

Time Codes

Tom’s Story 2:29

Liam’s Story 23:20

SCC 48:08

SMHC 10: A Guy Gamed So Hard His Legs Stopped Working!

Look I’m not gonna sugar coat it, this episode got away from us. Liam ended up editing out a ten minute conversation that was just about the Beatles. Not news, not current events, about one of the oldest most talked about bands. But don’t worry, instead of that dribble you get your usual dose of politics, strange news and weird goofs to help you cure that hangover blues.

BTW Episode 19: A Disgraceful Football Team

What’s better than this? Guys bein’ dudes. Eric takes fellow dude (and Major Casts co-founder Liam Senior) on a journey through American football–a journey that involves Florida, a dead bird, and the longest losing streak in NFL history. Strap in, folks, it’s the story of the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Episode 77: The Halftime Show and La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo No

Today’s Media Majors is all about the dangers of razzle dazzle! Liam talks about the super bowl half time show (timely!) that shook the country to it’s core while Tom talks about the Metal Gear Solid series (which includes a group called The Patriots that lose so also timely!) and how they pulled off some eerie and incredible spectacles.

tags: superbowl, superbowl halftime show, janet jackson, justin timberlake, fcc, metal gear, raiden, make america great again, revengeance, twin snakes, guns of the patriots, sons of liberty

Liam’s Story 1:55

Tom’s Story 17:05

SCC 34:42

SMHC 9: Molly Schuyler Ate A Ton Of Wings!

How many wings do you think a person can eat? 30? 60? 100? Oh man. You think so small. This week on Sunday Morning Hangover Cure, Eric and Liam go through the slow news day filled with stale state of the unions and memo’s filled with nothing but they really begin to shine when they discuss competitive eating.

Episode 76: Razzing The Razzies and Oh My Pod

We make a lot of jokes about eating Tide Pods on this episode so just a reminder DO NOT EAT TIDE PODS THEY ARE FILLED WITH POISON! Today’s episode takes a look at deception, as Liam talks about the Razzies, which should be a jumping point for criticism but is really a hack adult snark fest, while Tom talks about the plump ripe fruit known as Tide Pods and why teens just can’t stop eating them.

tags: john jb wilson, movies, oscars, razzies, xanadu, madea, tide, pods, tide pod, detergent, laundry, gamergate, meme, challenge, teen

Liam’s Story 1:51

Tom’s Story 13:30

SCC 30:00

BTW Episode 18: The War of the Pacific

Long time listener/first time caller Ben makes his debut on Big Time Whoopsies! He tries his best to gamely go along for the ride as host Eric McAdams takes him on a whirlwind journey through South America–a journey that sees three nations fight a bloody, drawn-out conflict over fertilizer.

Episode 75: Newclear California and The Voyage Of The Fitzcarraldo

Fun fact: After recording this episode Tom kept turning to Liam and going “What the fuck?!?!” in regards to Liam’s killer story on this fresh new episode of Media Majors. Today’s theme is life imitating art as Tom talks about some Fallout storylines that are slowly colliding into reality followed by Liam’s simple story of a man, a dream and a 400 pound boat.

tags: california, fallout, 2018, voting, robert paul preston, fitcarraldo, werner herzog, klause kinski, peru, boats

Tom’s Story 2:05

Liam’s Story 16:23

SCC 34:50

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