BTW 16: Fort Boyard, or Seize the Moon With Your Teeth

Eric McAdams may not know much about architecture, but he knows a waste of time and effort when he see one. This week on Big Time Whoopsies, Eric takes architecture student (and returning guest) Maggie on a journey to France to see an architectural marvel… and a gigantic waste of the French military’s resources.

Episode 69 (For Real!): The Sexy Sixty Ninth Extravaganza!

I dare you to find a weirder episode of a podcast than this one. Tom talks about the sexual politics of video games while Liam let’s his friend host a gameshow about pornography called Cumming Soon. Don’t worry, it’s fun. And only a little bit gross.

Thanks again for sticking with us, sorry about taking the week off but we needed it.

Music in this episode is Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert.

tags: sex, video games, mass effect, far cry, gta, ladykiller in a bind, porn parodies, batpussy, lee roy myers, wood rocket

Tom’s Story 2:56

Liam’s “Story” 27:40

Self Care Corner 43:51

King Me 2: The Shining

The crypt extends deeper than you could have possibly imagined, and sounds of Carrie fade as you continue forward. The speech of a hundred different podcasts echo hollow off the walls, resonating in coffin and bone. It overwhelms you. The auditory assault drives you to panic, and you scrabble forward, desperately. Right as your head feels like it will crumple under the volume, the conversations cease. The empty darkness – once a source of terror – now comforts you. And then, you hear a voice – not outside, not from the black maw that just blasted you, but from within your own mind. It says, “would you like some ice cream, doc?”

This podcast uses the ending theme from Creepshow II, and De Natura No. 1, De Natura No. 2, The Awakening of Jacob, and It’s All Forgotten Now (Ray Noble & Al Bowlly) from The Shining.

BTW Episode 15: The Affair of the Diamond Necklace

Big Time Whoopsies is back and this week Eric is bringing magic, intrigue, and crime to his friend Anna Mei. It’s the Affair of the Diamond Necklace, a chapter of French history that sounds like it’s full of scintillating, sophisticated drama but is really just a story about a rich guy being stupid, which is what most stories seem to be about, in the end.


PS: It’s pronounced “Geeg.” The second G is kinda soft, in that weird French way.

Episode 68: Pre-Code Hollywood and Games vs The Court

DISCLAIMER: Due to tiredness and holiday exhaustion, we mistakenly thought this was our 69th episode. Upon further reflection, it is our 68th. We joke about it and didn’t realize until later. Oh well!

We totally fucked up. I’ll be the first to admit it. We’re better than this and we’re sorry. Today, on the 69th episode of Media Majors, we forget to talk about anything horny. I know, I know. That’s not the podcast you signed up for and that’s not the podcast that we want to put it out, but it’s where we are. Next week, we will rectify this tragic error, but today we conclude our look at ratings. Liam talks about the glory days of Pre Code Hollywood while Tom concludes his two parter about the ESRB.

tags: william h hays, hays code, pre code hollywood, mppda, joseph breen, mpaa, don’ts and be carefuls, supreme court, brown v ema, esa, scalia, ab 1179, leeland, yee arnold scwarzengger

Time Code

Liam’s Story

Tom’s Story


Episode 67: Nielsen Nastiness and ESRB Origins

For today’s wholesome and hearty Media Majors, take a big bowl mix in one part corporate greed with two parts political intrusiveness, set to a boil and you’ve got two piping hot stories about rating systems! Liam vents about the Nielsen System and how it’s destroying everything good in television while Tom talks about the origins of the ESRB, the group that determines video game ratings.

tags: arthur nielsen, nielsen ratings, television, nielsen families, nielsen boxes, people meters, netflix, hulu, joe liebermen, kohl, mortal kombat, night trap, esrb, sega, nintendo, senate

Time Code

Liam’s Story 3:31

Tom’s Story 19:55

SCC 39:35

Sunday Morning Hangover Cure 1: Zimbabwe’s Military Staged A Coup

Welcome to the Sunday Morning Hangover Cure! We’re releasing this episode a little early, but every Sunday join Eric McAdams as he reads Liam Senior the news! Today we go over Jeff Session’s hearing, how to cheat in professional scrabble and a military coup that happened in Zimbabwe that may be for the better?? Come join our traveling snake oil show for a roaring good time!

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