Musty TV Episode 23: Kindred The Embraced

Poor, poor Josh. Due to the new format, he had to watch a NINETY MINUTE PILOT! We watched an actual show titled Kindred The Embraced, the dumbest thing related to vampires ever. I truly mean it. I’m not even gonna make a dumb “this sucks” joke or anything, so you can FANG me for that!

Musty TV Episode 21: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures

Imagine a pilot so bad and so boring that not even the people making it FINISH MAKING IT! Liam and Josh watch one of their favorite movies get a terrible send off in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures. And they’re are most certainly, most bodaciously, not excellent.

Musty TV Episode 20: Shasta McNasty

Grown adult human beings, with fully functioning brains receiving oxygen from their blood, went into a room and created a TV Show then decided to name the TV show SHASTA MCNASTY! The real McNasty is the terribly sexist, racist and perverted jokes they make! Yay!

Also fun fact: A listener and friend  recommended this show to us! If you would like to recommend a off air show for us to watch you can contact us here:

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Musty TV Episode 19: Weird Science

We…. we actually watched…. a show we didn’t…. OUTRIGHT DESPISE?!?!? Josh and Liam take a look at another John Hughes adaptation gamble with Weird Science.

Also apologies about the recording quality, there was some feedback the skype call was picking up. Weird. Anyways, please rate and subscribe!!!

Musty TV Episode 16: Munsters Today

Fun fact: They’re gonna reboot the Munsters again. Wonder how that will go? Listen to this episode as Josh, Liam and their special guest Kirk take on the 80’s Munster’s reboot. The only scary thing about this was the make up!! Also Liam’s soul is practically dead through the entire episode because this show is starting to weigh on him.

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