Shmanime Episode 39: You Gotta Be Karate Kidding Me!

Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig made an anime starring Jaden Smith, Susan Sarandon and Steve Buscemi. This isn’t a random word generator or anything, this is an actual description of the show we watched. We brought our good friend Luke along and made our way through Neo Yokio, but along the way we mostly made fun of Tom who kept watching the show and screams in the background. It’s funny I promise.

Shmanime Episode 38: Killed By An Enema

Sometimes you just gotta watch a teenager murder thousands upon thousands of people for nothing but good ol’ justice. This week, Eric and Liam take on Death Note… hey wait a minute, didn’t we already do this? Ohhhh they made a live action Death Note. Liam and Eric watched it along with their buddy Tom, and along the way talk about Lakeith Stanfield (a lot!), enema death and how to properly use the accursed Death Note.

Shmanime Episode 35: You Just Got Urkel’d

It’s late. You’re tired. You’re on an airport runway for some reason. Some shifty ne’er-do-well is lookin’ at ya. And dadgum it if his ribs don’t just jump out of his chest and grab ya! If this sounds relatable to you, you’d feel right at home with Wicked City, an anime horror movie from the 80s that Eric, Liam, and special guest Jane had to endure for this episode of Shmanime. Along the way, they talk a bunch about Alan Moore’s beard, Liam from 2008 stops by,  and Eric gets Urkel’d.


Also content warning: The movie has a lot of graphic and disturbing rape scenes and we go into them, feel free to hit that fast forward button.

Shmanime Episode 34: Harmon Story Circles

We’ve watched a lot of creepy weird stuff for this podcast and every time we think “Surely it cannot get any more depraved than this?” Well third time guest Steph brought us an anime that obliterated any innocence we had left. We watched Eromange Sensei, which made our collective skin crawl and after much dry heaving manage to talk about Presidential breakfasts, make a new “friend” named Kenta Everyman, and Liam has an emotional end to his podcast character arch.

Shmanime Episode 33: This Is To Close To The Fancy

Apologies up front: This was the longest Shmanime we have ever recorded and it got all corrupted BUT FOLKS YOUR LOYAL EDITOR (Liam, not Eric don’t be ridiculous) HE FIXED IT! So the audio levels are little weird, but it should be listenable.

Today we’re joined by Luke and Sammy as they make us watch Naruto, a show Eric and Liam decided they didn’t like before they watched it. Along the way we talk about Amazon anxiety, Luke’s quest to become God and Stonewall Jackson’s real name.

Shmanime Episode 32: Jeans

Hey guys remember that time Steph joined Shmanime and we watched his very favorite show, Gin Tama? Well did you know that after being on hiatus for a while, Gin Tama has recently made a triumphant return to television? This week on Shmanime, join Eric, Liam and Steph as they investigate whether the new season lives up to the old favorites. Along the way, they talk about seed dispersal, Liam’s dad, and the politics of denim.

Apologies for any wonky audio. Microphones can be quite finicky.

Shmanime Episode 31: The Hatful Eight

We’re back again reviewing another chunk of Mob Psycho 100! Join Eric and Liam in a particularly giggle filled episode as they waste time talking about Liam’s Margaret Thatcher screenplay, re-writing the hateful eight and the one mistake Spielberg made in Raiders.


I promise at some point we talk about the anime I PROMISE you.

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