BTW Episode 17: Sovereign Citizens Have Some Ideas About the Law

Lily makes a grand return to Big Time Whoopsies as host Eric McAdams takes her on a journey through the world of sovereign citizens. Listen along as they discuss the conspiracy theories, racism, bizarre legal theories, and bogus financial advice these delightful people really, actually believe!

BTW Episode 16: Fort Boyard, or Seize the Moon With Your Teeth

Eric McAdams may not know much about architecture, but he knows a waste of time and effort when he see one. This week on Big Time Whoopsies, Eric takes architecture student (and returning guest) Maggie on a journey to France to see an architectural marvel… and a gigantic waste of the French military’s resources.

BTW Episode 15: The Affair of the Diamond Necklace

Big Time Whoopsies is back and this week Eric is bringing magic, intrigue, and crime to his friend Anna Mei. It’s the Affair of the Diamond Necklace, a chapter of French history that sounds like it’s full of scintillating, sophisticated drama but is really just a story about a rich guy being stupid, which is what most stories seem to be about, in the end.


PS: It’s pronounced “Geeg.” The second G is kinda soft, in that weird French way.

BTW Episode 14: The Golden Age of Piracy

Sometimes, you just gotta talk about pirates with your good friend for an hour. This week on Big Time Whoopsies, join Eric and returning guest Andrew as the two sleepy boys explore the Golden Age of Piracy. Along the way, we tell you about the greatest pirate of all time, perhaps the dumbest naval battle of all time, and how to capture a fort in the 18th century.

BTW Episode 13: The Weird Menace of the CCA

In the second installment of Big Time Whoopsie’s spooky stories, Eric takes on the Comics Code Authority, the voluntary censorship the comics industry undertook in the 50s that led to a lot of weird, bland comics. Eric brings returning guest Lily and her boyfriend Mac along for the ride, and they discuss Mac’s nickname, coffee, and even get to tell a ghost story!

BTW Episode 12: The Serial Killer Special

In this spookiest of months, Big Time Whoopsies is pleased to bring you tales of murder and fright. Well, and stupidity. Can’t stray too far from the brand. This week, join Eric McAdams and special guest Liliane as they take a look at serial killers who got off easy!

TW: Murder/assault/rape, people getting away with murder/assault/rape

BTW Episode 11: Joseph The Not-Great

Finally, Eric McAdams is selling out. Finally he’s taking Big Time Whoopsies to, well, the big time, and giving the people what they want. The people want discussions of long-dead European rulers and their policy decisions, right? That’s what the kids are into? Join Eric and his special guest Carson (@dollbunyan on Twitter) as they explore the life of Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor and the silly wars and panicked battles he engaged in.

BTW Episode 10: Fuck Nazis

Nazis. Can’t live with ’em, can’t punch ’em, according to centrist pundits. What’s a podcast network to do? Well, this week on Big Time Whoopsies, Eric decided to do a takedown of the dumbest, weirdest philosophies of the Third Reich, and he brings Major Casts co-founder Tom Loughney along for the ride! Prepare for rewritten philosophy, occult pseudoscience, and idiotic cosmology.


(And for the record? It’s okay to punch Nazis. Don’t listen to centrist pundits.)

BTW Episode 9: The Italy Of The Future

You know how sometimes when you’re making art, you get so overburdened with the joy of creation that you actively try to incite riots and war? No? Well then you, my friend, are not an Italian Futurist, one of the dumbest, most self-important art movements of the 20th century. Join Eric as he brings the Major Casts cofounders Liam and Tom on a journey through art, theatre, and war.

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