Episode 68: Pre-Code Hollywood and Games vs The Court

DISCLAIMER: Due to tiredness and holiday exhaustion, we mistakenly thought this was our 69th episode. Upon further reflection, it is our 68th. We joke about it and didn’t realize until later. Oh well!

We totally fucked up. I’ll be the first to admit it. We’re better than this and we’re sorry. Today, on the 69th episode of Media Majors, we forget to talk about anything horny. I know, I know. That’s not the podcast you signed up for and that’s not the podcast that we want to put it out, but it’s where we are. Next week, we will rectify this tragic error, but today we conclude our look at ratings. Liam talks about the glory days of Pre Code Hollywood while Tom concludes his two parter about the ESRB.

tags: william h hays, hays code, pre code hollywood, mppda, joseph breen, mpaa, don’ts and be carefuls, supreme court, brown v ema, esa, scalia, ab 1179, leeland, yee arnold scwarzengger

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