King Me 2: The Shining

The crypt extends deeper than you could have possibly imagined, and sounds of Carrie fade as you continue forward. The speech of a hundred different podcasts echo hollow off the walls, resonating in coffin and bone. It overwhelms you. The auditory assault drives you to panic, and you scrabble forward, desperately. Right as your head feels like it will crumple under the volume, the conversations cease. The empty darkness – once a source of terror – now comforts you. And then, you hear a voice – not outside, not from the black maw that just blasted you, but from within your own mind. It says, “would you like some ice cream, doc?”

This podcast uses the ending theme from Creepshow II, and De Natura No. 1, De Natura No. 2, The Awakening of Jacob, and It’s All Forgotten Now (Ray Noble & Al Bowlly) from The Shining.

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