Episode 71: Trash Talk 2: Tom’s Trash Basket and Saving “Saving Christmas”

Holy crap! It’s motherfucking Christmas! We here at MM HQ love all wintery holidays, but we couldn’t be more jazzed to post a Media Majors episode the most Christmas-y of holidays! Well, Liam has a christmas story for you, Tom’s continuing his deep dive into trash with an anthology of the silliest E Sports Trash Talk moments. Then after, gather round the yule log as Liam regales a story of two films called Saving Christmas and the strangeness it all encompasses.

From everyone here at MCN, have a happy holidays!

tags: christmas, esports, trash talk, download complete, league of legends, street fighter, saving christmas, ed asner, kirk cameron, darren doane, the santa files, tom denucci

Tom’s Story 5:15

Liam’s Story 18:52

SCC 42:38

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