This is the website for The Major Casts Network! Major Casts is a podcast network made by two very good boys (Liam Senior and Thomas Loughney), and features silly and insightful shows about media, entertainment, history and pop culture! Here’s what we do:

Media Majors is about stories and friendship. Liam Senior – silver screen fiend – and Thomas Loughney – goofy gamer goober – research and tell wild-but-true stories from their preferred industries in an attempt to blow each other’s minds! Sometimes, this can get dark and grody, so they balance that out with love, goofs, and support. Strap in folks!

Big Time Whoopsies is about incompetence on a grand, historical scale. Join host Eric McAdams, and a rotating pool of guests as Eric spins a weave about historical ineptitude. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn just how dumb our beloved historical figures were. 

King Me is a spooky podcast about huddling round the campfire every month and discussing a Stephen King theatrical adaption. Each episode, Master of Creepy-monies, Tom Loughney, invites a new guest to the Kingdom – where terror reigns supreme. Hail to the King, baby.

The Filmographers is a monthly show where hosts Katie and Lenny pick an actor and watch everything they’ve been in. Then they tell you everything you need to know to decide if it’s worth watching. They’re watching complete filmographies so you don’t have to.

Musty TV is a review show where Liam Senior and Josh Phillips watch the first and last episode of a canceled TV Show. Really, it’s less of a review show, and more of a chronicle of two men descending into madness. They watch it so you don’t have to. They don’t have to either, but for some reason they do.

Shmanime is a monthly nonsense conversational podcast about two jerky jerko-‘s – Eric McAdams and Liam Senior – watching and talking about anime. Eric loves it, Liam hates it. A regular odd couple! Shmanime is mostly an excuse for Liam to stop the podcast from happening (much to Eric’s dismay), as they goof and riff their way through Japanese animated television.

Thanks so much for checking out The Major Casts Network! We hope you enjoy our programs! Stay fun, stay nasty, stay Major.