We Want To Hear Your Stories!

This Is For Media Majors!

Hey you! Yeah, you! Get over here, ya goof! We want you to tell your story!

We like our podcast, but we can only tell so many stories, and only provide so many perspectives. Help us change that! If you would like to tell a story relating to major media (film, television, video games, internet culture, etc.), let us know!


  • Pitch us. What’s the story, why should it be told? If you listen to the podcast, you will know that this is not a particularly high bar. You can reach us by emailing mediamajorspodcast@gmail.com or DM-ing our show’s twitter or our personal twitters.
  • Provide us with at least a rough draft of your notes. Include some sources so that we may vet the story ourselves.
  • Have a working internet connection. We record remotely, so Skype is a must. Also, if you want to tell your story, you will have to be able to record audio (there’s a free program called Audacity, Tom uses it and it’s very easy to use. Don’t worry about mic quality, Liam can make your sound dope in post).
  • That’s it, you good.

Part of our reasoning for doing this is that we are two very white boys. There are experiences and stories that we just don’t know about, and that’s a load of malarkey. As such, preference will be given to women, LGBTQ+, and people of color, but we certainly aren’t opposed to applications from our fellow straight-whites. Everybody’s got a story, and we want to give you the opportunity to tell it.