Shmanime Episode 13: Cocked Locked and Dropped It

We’re back this time with a muthafucking vengeance. Today, true believers, Eric and Liam tackle a truly dark artwork. join them as they lower themselves into the abyss of Lucky Star, as special guest Josh cackles with mad glee. Will your beloved heroes go mad from listening to animated schoolgirls talk about food for hours on end? discover this and much more, such as what Liam and Eric do while they’re on skype, Eric’s Sherpa heritage, and Gus Van Sant’s Dairy Farm.

Shmanime Episode 12: Mangos and Bananimes

Imagine World War Two but instead of warring countries and the darkest parts of aggression and humanity, it’s a bunch of cute boys on an island. We watched a ridiculous amount of the insanity that is Heltalia: Axis of Power and slowly went insane. We also discuss all the history the show forgot, list the personality of board games, and Liam comes up with some super fun wordplay.

Shmanime Episode 11: They Gave Him A Rachel

Anime is a complex and layered medium. Sometimes it involves putting dog shit on a man’s head. This week with the help of our guest Steph, we watch the sci-fi/samurai comedy Gin Tama. Also we discuss Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, go through a Jennifer Aniston Timeline, and Liam freaks the fuck out about Eric’s nickname.

Shmanime Episode 10: His Real Name Is Mark

We thought for this milestone episode we would take a look at a beloved and polarizing series: Dragonball and Dragonball Z! We recruited our guest Albert, a self proclaimed DBZ fan, to help us understand what the hell we watched. We also discuss Lot’s wife, sex in marketing, and where Liam and Eric got their Pokeology degrees.

Shmanime Episode 9: Continue, You Dick.

Sometimes you just gotta watch a Japanese teenager murder thousands upon thousands of people for nothing but good ol’ justice. This week, Eric and Liam take on Death Note. Also, Eric turns into an Ogre, we pitch a new show about a lesbian detective, and Liam gets a taste of his own snarky medicine. LISTEN AND FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE AND LOVE US!

Shmanime Episode 8: Swimming in Dog Tits

It’s time we took another trip to the weirdly sexual underbelly of anime. This week, we have two guests, Pierrelouis and Daniel, which makes for a lot of cross talk. We take on Girls Bravo, and aside from the endless parade of jiggling body parts, our topics of conversation include Pokémon suicide, dueling Roger Rabbits, and the magical power of Eric’s tears.

Shmanime Episode 7: The Pug Is Called Guts

Hooray disclaimer time!! This episode had a couple of technical problems plus Liam and Eric being sleepy little bastards, but we powered through. On this episode we discuss the 2013 series Kill La Kill and we marvel as Eric struggles to pronounce japanese names. We also rewrite 8 mile if it starred a pug, Liam pitches a new monster movie, and we return to our favorite dirty birdie, James “Fart-Fucker” Joyce.

Shmanime Episode 6: A Fuck You Of Wobbuffets

Look, I’m not gonna sugarcoat this one. What you’re about to listen to is two Pokémon nerds talking about Pokémon for close to an hour. So if hearing about imaginary monsters that you capture and force into battle isn’t your thing, I don’t know what to tell you. This week, Eric and Liam watch the Pokémon anime. Other topics include: animal genitalia, the dangers of being a child in Kanto, and James Joyce. Dirty, filthy James Joyce.

Shmanime Episode 4: Rimjob’s School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

A scary man once said, “When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.” In our case, the abyss made us watch a swim meet. This week, with the help of our guest, Lily, we take on Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, and we have deep philosophical discussions about brain trauma, the nature of comedy, and the Joker’s sexual habits.

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