We Have A New Show!

Hey everyone! We’re very excited to announce that Liam and Eric will be doing a new weekly show called Sunday Morning Hangover Cure! It’s a weekly news round up show where Eric and Liam will look at news stories from the week, some big, some small, some strange, and goof their way through the shitstorm that is the current news cycle. We’ll be dropping the pilot later today, but afterwards expect it to come out every Sunday Morning!

This also won’t effect Media Majors or Big Time Whoopsies, but it does mean Shmanime will be on a monthly-ish schedule. SMHC will also feature a segment where Liam will let everyone know what to expect this week here at MCN, so make sure to check the show out and subscribe!

Episode 66: The Demise Of The Dark Universe and The Strange Case Of The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Today’s episode take’s place in a different universe. A… dark universe, if you will. Liam talks about the failures of Universal’s Dark Universe while Tom looks at one of it’s prominent figures, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and his video game.

tags: universal monsters, dracula, frankenstein, the wolfman, the mummy, the creature from the black lagoon, the invisible man, alex kurtzman, tom cruise, nes, jekyll, hyde, angry video game nerd, bandai, bad games

Time Code

Liam’s Story 1:22

Tom’s Story 18:58

SCC 30:59

BTW Episode 14: The Golden Age of Piracy

Sometimes, you just gotta talk about pirates with your good friend for an hour. This week on Big Time Whoopsies, join Eric and returning guest Andrew as the two sleepy boys explore the Golden Age of Piracy. Along the way, we tell you about the greatest pirate of all time, perhaps the dumbest naval battle of all time, and how to capture a fort in the 18th century.

Episode 65: An Evolution Of Horror and Three T: The ET Rip Offs.

On today’s episode, we talk about rip offs, some great, some bad and some downright fucking weird. Tom talks about the Resident Evil rip off that went on to define an entire genre of vide game while Liam takes a look at the wholesome E.T. and the not so wholesome rip offs that went out to replicate it’s success. So of course one of them is German pornography.

tags: resident evil, konami, silent hill, team silent, survival horror, spielberg, et, nukie, mac and me, et porn home

Time Code

Tom’s Story  2:23

Liam’s Story 18:08

SCC 37:13

King Me 1: Carrie

The crypt is dark and wet – it surrounds you. You scramble for a light, a match, anything. You hear a noise to your left – a laugh, off in the cavernous distance – and a blue glow illuminates the stone coffins around you. The light calls you towards it, and as you near, you can hear the sounds of two people, talking about a movie – a Stephen King movie. Gripped by a sudden horror, you realize where you are – this is the podcast crypt: an echoing hell from which you may never escape. With no other choice left to you, you sit, and listen.

This episode is about the movie Carrie (1976). It begins and ends with the End Theme from the film Creepshow. It also features the song “Theme From Carrie” by Pino Donaggio. Welcome to the crypt, listener.

Episode 64: The Halloween Disaster Special!

Well we tried another holiday special and well…. it goes about as well as a Media Majors Holiday episode goes. Off. The. Rails. Liam tells the history behind one of the most iconic horror movie props and Tom decides to tell a famous creepy pasta live on air! Only for him and Liam to realize that this is a terrible terrible story. Listen as we plow our way through a once famous internet fad. Have a happy Halloween and make sure to check out Tom’s new podcast King Me starting tomorrow, only on the Major Cast Network!

tags: ouija, ouija boards, hasbro, horror movies, talking boards, fox sisters, spiritualists, parker brothers, forums, copy pasta, creepy pasta, ben drowns, legend of zelda, majora’s mask

Time Code

Liam’s Story 1:55

Tom’s Story 19:20 – 24:12

Ben Drowns 24:48 – 54:20

SCC 55:22

BTW Episode 13: The Weird Menace of the CCA

In the second installment of Big Time Whoopsie’s spooky stories, Eric takes on the Comics Code Authority, the voluntary censorship the comics industry undertook in the 50s that led to a lot of weird, bland comics. Eric brings returning guest Lily and her boyfriend Mac along for the ride, and they discuss Mac’s nickname, coffee, and even get to tell a ghost story!

Episode 63: Lootbox Lottery and Al Michaels for Oswald The Rabbit

On today’s episode, Tom makes a blunder involving three different men named Mickey, makes a bold statement about John Madden and gets pranked with kindness. It’s a real rollercoaster ride for him. Along the way, he tells a story about the dark underbelly of lootboxes while Liam talks about a human man that was traded for a cartoon rabbit.

Tags: gordon ramsay, lootboxes, collecting, zt online, chests, keys, team fortress 2, valve, hats, paul manwaring, mmo,, overwatch, middle earth shadow of war, csgo lotto, who framed roger rabbit, al michaels, nbc, abc, espn, monday night football, oswald the lucky rabbit, walt disney, mickey rooney, mickey rourke

Time Code

Tom’s Story 3:10

Liam’s Story 15:07

SCC 29:34

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