Musty TV Episode 23: Kindred The Embraced

Poor, poor Josh. Due to the new format, he had to watch a NINETY MINUTE PILOT! We watched an actual show titled Kindred The Embraced, the dumbest thing related to vampires ever. I truly mean it. I’m not even gonna make a dumb “this sucks” joke or anything, so you can FANG me for that!

Episode 62: The Szechuan Sauce Disaster And Badvertising: Games Go Viral.

Today, Liam and Tom go ahead to ahead with one of their greatest enemies yet: Viral Marketing. Cower as Liam regales of the McNugget sauce that ruined everything while Tom counts down the strangest, silliest and downright ickiest gaming ad campaigns in history.

tags: mcdonalds, mcnuggets, mulan, rick and morty, szechuan sauce, fanbases, viral marketing, god of war, goat, balloons, sexism, booth babes, sin to win, splinter cell, ubisoft, acclaim

Time Code

Liam’s Story 2:50

Tom’s Story 18:18

SCC 43:26

BTW Episode 12: The Serial Killer Special

In this spookiest of months, Big Time Whoopsies is pleased to bring you tales of murder and fright. Well, and stupidity. Can’t stray too far from the brand. This week, join Eric McAdams and special guest Liliane as they take a look at serial killers who got off easy!

TW: Murder/assault/rape, people getting away with murder/assault/rape

Episode 61: The 2007 Writer’s Strike, Just James Just Evil, and John Romero’s About To Make You His Bitch

It’s a new week and we got a new Media Majors to start you off! Fair warning, we go into some pretty heavy topics this episode as Liam ends his three part story about the US, N Korea and Media, Tom talks about a man who tried to make us all his bitch and special guest Jane tells a story of a filmmaker who made a hell of a name for himself.

Liam’s Story 3:45

Jane’s Story  17:42

Tom’s Story 42:34

Tags: wga, 2007 writer’s strike, donald trump, the apprentice, the celebrity apprentice, dennis rodman, kim jong un, nuclear war, james ronald whitney, just melvin just evil, telling nicholas, chippendales, doom, john romero, daikattana, id software, ion storm, quake, quake 2

Shmanime Episode 39: You Gotta Be Karate Kidding Me!

Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig made an anime starring Jaden Smith, Susan Sarandon and Steve Buscemi. This isn’t a random word generator or anything, this is an actual description of the show we watched. We brought our good friend Luke along and made our way through Neo Yokio, but along the way we mostly made fun of Tom who kept watching the show and screams in the background. It’s funny I promise.

Episode 60: Without A Kluwe, Dennis Rodman Goes To North Korea and Baseball Nicknames

This may be one of the funniest Media Majors we’ve ever recorded. Not only does Tom talk about one of the gaming’s Good Guys, Liam talks more about North Korea’s obsession with Dennis Rodman and vice versa, and then special guest, sports expert and Big Time Whoopsie host himself Eric McAdams quizzes us on the very silly names of Baseball.

Tom’s Story: 3:03

Liam’s Story: 14:46

Eric’s Story 33:00

SCC 54: 24

Tags: chris kluwe, minnesota vikings, football, gamergate, cussin, dennis rodman, hulk hogan, north korea, kim jong un, baseball, nicknames

Musty TV Episode 21: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures

Imagine a pilot so bad and so boring that not even the people making it FINISH MAKING IT! Liam and Josh watch one of their favorite movies get a terrible send off in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures. And they’re are most certainly, most bodaciously, not excellent.

BTW Episode 11: Joseph The Not-Great

Finally, Eric McAdams is selling out. Finally he’s taking Big Time Whoopsies to, well, the big time, and giving the people what they want. The people want discussions of long-dead European rulers and their policy decisions, right? That’s what the kids are into? Join Eric and his special guest Carson (@dollbunyan on Twitter) as they explore the life of Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor and the silly wars and panicked battles he engaged in.

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