Episode 59: Pewdiepie Said The N Word and Stolen Cinema in Korea

Folks, we got ourselves a whopper of a Media Majors today, filled with story and discourse. Tom talks about piece of shit gamer Pewdiepie who said a racial slur and how that reflects on youtube gaming as a whole, while Liam talks about one of history’s most notorious cinephiles: Kim Jong Il.

Topics: pewdiepie, youtube, racism, bigotry, call of duty, minecraft, amnesia the dark descent, felix, the n word, kim jong il, north korea, shin sang ok, choi eun hee, kidnap, pulgasari

Time Code

Tom’s Story 1:40

Liam’s Story 30:50

SCC 44:35

Musty TV Episode 20: Shasta McNasty

Grown adult human beings, with fully functioning brains receiving oxygen from their blood, went into a room and created a TV Show then decided to name the TV show SHASTA MCNASTY! The real McNasty is the terribly sexist, racist and perverted jokes they make! Yay!

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Shmanime Episode 38: Killed By An Enema

Sometimes you just gotta watch a teenager murder thousands upon thousands of people for nothing but good ol’ justice. This week, Eric and Liam take on Death Note… hey wait a minute, didn’t we already do this? Ohhhh they made a live action Death Note. Liam and Eric watched it along with their buddy Tom, and along the way talk about Lakeith Stanfield (a lot!), enema death and how to properly use the accursed Death Note.

Episode 58: The French Rockefeller and Boner 2012

We’ve got an extra long Media Majors spectacular! Liam talks about one of Hollywood’s most notorious con men, but the spotlight is on Tom’s story this week because we do something special. Tom talks about the Kony 2012 internet scam and halfway through his story, Tom and Liam live riff the Invisible Children campaign video that started the whole mess.

This is real. Part of this podcast episode is a live to tape, improvised riffing of a pretty polarizing youtube video, so we’ve carved out the time codes for it if that’s something you may want to skip. But we think it’s pretty special, so take a listen and remember to like and subscribe on all various platforms!

Tags: scams, scam artists, con men, christophe rocancourt, christopher rockefeller, jean claude van demme, mickey rourke, kony, jason russell, kony 2012, gavin, invisible children, internet activism

Time Code:

Liam’s Story 2:13

Tom’s Story: 12:24

Kony Video 18:15 – 47:44

SCC 58:37

Musty TV Episode 19: Weird Science

We…. we actually watched…. a show we didn’t…. OUTRIGHT DESPISE?!?!? Josh and Liam take a look at another John Hughes adaptation gamble with Weird Science.

Also apologies about the recording quality, there was some feedback the skype call was picking up. Weird. Anyways, please rate and subscribe!!!

BTW Episode 10: Fuck Nazis

Nazis. Can’t live with ’em, can’t punch ’em, according to centrist pundits. What’s a podcast network to do? Well, this week on Big Time Whoopsies, Eric decided to do a takedown of the dumbest, weirdest philosophies of the Third Reich, and he brings Major Casts co-founder Tom Loughney along for the ride! Prepare for rewritten philosophy, occult pseudoscience, and idiotic cosmology.


(And for the record? It’s okay to punch Nazis. Don’t listen to centrist pundits.)

Episode 57: The Animals at Heaven’s Gate and Playable PETA Parodies

Hey guys, sit down. We know that Tom and Liam have been telling silly or even uplifting stories lately. We forgot what this podcast is about so we got some stories that bring out rants and yelling! Liam talks about Heaven’s Gate, a movie plagued with an expensive and deadly production while Tom talks about everyone’s favorite video game makers: PETA!

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Topics: sunburn, the beach, dark sun, the johnson county war, michael cimino, united artists, the deer hunter, heaven’s gate, isabelle huppert, animal cruelty, aha, PETA, ingrid newkirk, mario bros, chick sisters, pokemon, black and blue, tofu boy, super meat boy

Liam’s Story 2:42

Tom’s Story 19:37

SCC 38:45

Episode 56: The Greatest Movies That Never Were and Oh No: The Ouya

Today, Liam and Tom look into the disappointing world of disappointments, failures and let downs. Liam lists a bunch of awesome sounding movies that were never and will never be made while Tom takes a look at a little console that changed nothing, the Ouya.

Topics: working out, ryan murphy, shia labeouf, dune, david lynch, stanely kubrick, napoleon, steven spielberg, ridley scott, nick cave, george miller, justice league, frankenstein, david cronenberg, alfred hitchcock, salvador dali, the marx brothers, console wars, ps4, xbox 360, wii, wii u, ouya, kickstarter,

Time Code

Liam’s Story 3:30

Tom’s Story 25:55

SCC 41:40

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