BTW Episode 9: The Italy Of The Future

You know how sometimes when you’re making art, you get so overburdened with the joy of creation that you actively try to incite riots and war? No? Well then you, my friend, are not an Italian Futurist, one of the dumbest, most self-important art movements of the 20th century. Join Eric as he brings the Major Casts cofounders Liam and Tom on a journey through art, theatre, and war.

Episode 55: Competitive eDoping and Sitcomedy Two

We recorded this on one of the most holiest of days: the day of Liam’s birth unto the world. So he got to pick the theme and the puckish rascal chose drugs. Tom talks about the doping scandals that have plagued professional gaming and Liam brings back a classic and invents a fun game.

Topics: birthdays, doctor doom, mf doom, cocaine, adderall, Cloud9, SEMPHIS, ESL, lonnie smith, baseball, 4/20, grateful dead, sitcoms, season four episode twenty, mad about you, golden girls, diff’rent strokes, big bang theory, the drew carey show, drugs

Time Code

Tom’s Story 2:25

Liam’s Story 20:30

SCC 41:10


Episode 54: Fuck Nazis

As Jello Biafra once screamed “Nazi punks, Nazi punks, Nazi punks, fuck off! Nazi punks, Nazi punks, Nazi punks, fuck off!” We here at Media Majors took that to heart and decided to devote an entire episode to saying fuck you to the fourth reich. Tom talks about the Daily Stormer’s current failings and Liam talks about Nicholas Winton, who did an amazing thing.

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Topics: Nazi Punks Fuck Off, David Schwimmer, Dailey Stormer, Andrew Anglin, neoliberal, alt-left, cloudflare, google, godaddy, Danica Patrick, Donald Trump, Nicholas Winton, That’s Life, Esther Rantzen, World War Two,

Tom’s Story 3:32

Liam’s Story 22:12

SCC 34:35

Musty TV Episode 16: Munsters Today

Fun fact: They’re gonna reboot the Munsters again. Wonder how that will go? Listen to this episode as Josh, Liam and their special guest Kirk take on the 80’s Munster’s reboot. The only scary thing about this was the make up!! Also Liam’s soul is practically dead through the entire episode because this show is starting to weigh on him.

Episode 53: The Ship That Sank A Lot and Destiny Dies With Dyack

A year ago today, Tom and Liam embarked on a journey that would change them forever. It was this podcast. And to celebrate it, they chose stories at last minute because we are the dog days of summer. Liam talks about all the titanic movies and Tom talks about the failed X-Men Destiny game and the killer responsible. A rapping dog may appear, too.

Topics: RMS Titanic, Titanic, A Night To Remember, Raise The Titanic, The Legend Of Titanic, Party Time, Dennis Dyack, Silicon Knights, Activision, X-Men Destiny, Precursor

Liam’s Story 2:54

Tom’s Story 20:35

SCC 35:50

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